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Internal Moves - Inside information


Let's get started!


You might not be moving premises, but office change arounds due to new staff, refurbishment etc, still need to be managed properly.


When it comes to moving furniture and equipment internally a lot of staff 'muck in' to do some of the work.


Although intentions are good, this is a big mistake which could lead to major problems.

Staff lifting heavy items, leaving equipment in harms way and walking into someone when not used to carrying goods.


Moving furniture and equipment in the workplace is not likely to be in a contract of employment.

From a health & safety perspective it simply is not acceptable.

It could lead to long term sick leave and in some cases a law suit!


Portercall have the experience, equipment and the know-how to ensure your plans for moving run smoothly.


At Portercall we always consider not only the people working with us, but also the people working around us.

Health & safety and risk assessment pay a huge part of any move but it is just as important to have procedures in place for both internal and external moves.


Ready, steady, go!

The portercall team will be on time every time to get things moving!

The Extra Mile

Flexibility has to be an important factor in any project.

Need to start early? No problem!

Weekend work? No problem!

If you need us to make changes to the order of works, we will make them!

The Finishing Line

At Portercall we take pride in not only meeting a deadline 

but also the way we do it.

We hope the next time you need help moving,

we will be your first Portercall!

  • Internal office moves

  • Complete ward moves in hospitals

  • Classroom moves in schools

  • Department moves in colleges

  • Event, open day moves

  • Crate Hire

  • Packaging

  • Labels

  • Security ties

  • Bubble wrap

  • Staff Uniformed.... 

  • Professional 

  • Trained

  • Helpful & friendly

  • Polite & reliable

Need some advise or a free estimate?...Give us a call today on Cardiff 029 2077 8317

We do it all at Portercall!

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