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It's Friday - Congratulations everyone, you made it!

I don't know about you but I've still got a bit of a Christmas hangover.

How can just a few days off have such a devastating effect!

Now I am back on a sensible diet my stomach's a bit confused, where are the mince pies?, why are we not drinking baileys this morning, are we on a desert island?

The stressing over Christmas presents only to be met with ' yes I can see why you thought I might like it'. Oh well, only another 11 months and I will probably do it all again.

Hope everybody has had a good week, a sense of achievement, met their goals and made it to Friday without putting their entire wages for the week in the 'swear' jar!

So here we go again, a brand new year, brexit around the corner, then around another corner, then around another corner, yes you can see where I am going with this.

Like many other business we are not sure what effect if any brexit will have on us, only time will tell.

If the brexit deal does not work out then 'Boris' if you are reading this, it might be handy to bookmark the portercall website in case you need a mover!

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