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Roll on Summer!

The last 12 months have, to say the least, been very challenging.

Things are starting to get back to some kind of normal but I wonder what effect Covid has had on businesses going forward.

There are so many people working from home, I wonder just how many of them will return to offices and when.

It is possible some business will want to downsize on office space because not all staff will be returning, on the other hand some businesses will feel the need to look for larger office space to comply with social distancing at the moment but also a change in the way we work together in the future.

It has been a long long 12 months! For some trying to juggle work and childcare it has to be tough. To stay motivated and disciplined is quite simply hard.

It will make a difference however to have a bit more sunshine in our lives, most of us are in a better mood when it's sunny.

The end of this week marks the start of British summertime, we could all do with a good one!

Remember when bad hair days weren't everyday and pyjamas were only worn at night!

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